Why sometimes when I drink water, I cough?

U may have a. dysfunction in your swallowing mechanism.This is usually worked up by a consult to speech therapy,which your doctor will provide,if they agree.The problem may be that it is only intermintant.Start to keep a diary of when it occurs and what ur drinking.Take this in when u see the doc.Good luck??

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I'm having headaches everyday their mild last 20 minutes I don't drink water is it that I also cough up blood here and there?

See doctor.... Coughing blood, called hemoptysis, is a symptom that always requires evaluation by a doctor. The most common etiology of hemoptysis is bronchitis but it can also be caused by malignancy. Your age and your non-smoker status goes against malignancy but the etiology of the hemoptysis must be diagnosed and treated. So, see your doctor so the hemoptysis can be diagnosed and treated. Read more...