Can I get an STD test while on my period? Is it normal for a doctor to refuse blood and urine testing to a patient, and only recommend a physical exam

Yes. Testing for STDs can be done while on your period. Some are done on blood drawn from your arm and others on urine or cervical swabs but bleeding does not prevent any of the testing.The only way to know why a physician would want to just do an exam and no blood or urine tests would be to ask that physician. Sorry I can't tell u what the other doctor was thinking. It may have been done to save money.

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Can hymen get torn by STD testing? I got contradcting answers.1 doc says a samp from cervix is necessary n 1 more doc says blood n urine test is enough

Blood and urine enou. These days a blood and urine test can test you for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia the common stds, but sometimes you need to take sample from cervix and a pediatric speculum can be used to prevent tearing of hymen. Read more...