Reoccurring rashes. Only on arms. Started out flat, not itchy & looked like pattern of sweater I was wearing. New rash is tiny little red bumps. Ideas?

Allergic reaction. if within few hours to days , likely allergic reaction, avoid this fabric. wash well , dry , try antihistamine like diphenhydramine as directed, topical otc steroid cream, if ever little pustules[whiteheads] could be secondary infection/folliculitis, need antibiotic. could be fungus if fine lightertonedcolor and flakes[ tinea versicolor], need selenium sulfide lotion,otc or see dr for ketoconazol.

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I have small red bumps that look like pimples on my upper arms that are itchy! No idea why? I waxed my arms about a week ago, very itchy bumps

Folliculitis. Inflammation of the hair follicle occurs for many reasons, but when associated with shaving usually is caused by a dull razor, sensitivity to the shaving/ hygeine product or friction by clothing. Trauma from hair extraction through waxing may also produce this. Read more...