Daughter, 9, is complaining of terrible sore throat, temp hovering at just below 101, body aches. Should I take her to doc or wait it out?

Take her tomorrow. Give it the night and see how she feels in the morning. If no better, she needs at least to get tested for strep throat. Also, based on the doctors exam, they may suspect other things that could cause a really bad sore throat such as mono. In the meantime, honey in warm tea, salt water gargles, local sprays to soothe throat and oral pain relievers are helpful.
Call your pediatrici. This is best answered by your pediatrician. It could be strept or viral.

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Go back. I would go back to your doctor if your symptoms have returned, especially the fever. Read more...
Mgt/appt. There are several possible conditions, and a follow up visit with your doctor is advised. There may be a bacterial illness eg sinusitis, pneumonia, that is not covered by the current antibiotic. A virtual appt is available online www.healthtap.com/DosanjhMD Code: NCYHPZ. Read more...