Hi I was told by a gynecologist on here that I could try testosterone gel for hooded clitoris. Very small amount. How can I get it I don't have a Dr?

Not sure about the. use, but I can tell you that that prescription testosterone products are DEA schedule III substances and these substance(in fact DEA schedule I, II, III) are not allowed to be prescribed through HealthTap. You'll have to see a doctor about a possible prescription.
Prescription drug. Testosterone gel/cream/tablets comes as a prescription drug. A health care professional with a license to prescribe medication (doctor, nurse practitioner) will need to prescribe testosterone formulations. http://www.drrobertamorgan.com/female-sexuality.htm.
Ask Lance Armstrong. Testosterone gel has a high abuse potential abd requires a prescription. You really need to be under the care of a doctor to get it because testosterone has some rare but dangerous complications. Best wishes.

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