I'm struggling with language today. It all sound foreign and it's hard to get words out. Feel out of it too. Have fibro. Normal or scary?

Possible answers. Fibromyalgia can be associated with sleep disorder, and secondary cognitive issues, but migraine with or without headache can cause speech issues which are short term, such as 15-20 minutes, but a very uncommon form, called "dysphrenia hemicrania transitoria" may last longer. Other causes may be focal seizures, even brain blood flow problems. Should get neurological evaluation, maybe ER visit.
Fibro-Fog. 34y female w. Fibromyalgia, FM, has confusion with words. Absent mechanical head injury with dizziness or headache is likely result of non-restorative sleep, which is a signature symptom of FM. Chronic unrefreshing sleep takes a toll on mental acuity. Fibro-fog results as does depression. People w. FM oft have pelvic/low back pain while lying on sleep surface; interrupting deep sleep & dreaming. .