I have genital herpes. I constantly have pain in my testicales. Some days worse than others. Right now it is in my right testicle, on my right buttock?

Pain isn't herpes. Herpes is not a likely cause of these pains. Be careful what you read online about genital herpes. Outbreaks (with obvious, visible blisters/sores) can be preceded by pain, tingling, etc (prodrome), but usually only for 1-3 days in the same area where the outbreak will occur. Otherwise herpes is rarely associated with aches and pains of any kind. See a doctor if the pains continue. Good luck!

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2 days ago I recieved oral sex some reason I fear genital herpes my testicle area itch now could it be just in my mind? Can symptoms occur this early?

Not herpes. First, getnial herpes is infrequent after any one sexual exposure. It's especially unlikely if your partner didn't have a visible oral herpes outbreak. Second, herpes doesn't cause itching without sores. Third, location is wrong: any symptoms would be where most directly exposed, i.e. your penis, not scrotum. Third, 2 days is a bit early -- usually 3-10 days. But see doctor if remain concerned. Read more...