How to stop stress eating?

Stress. channel the energy into something else which doesnt cause new issue, like meditation, exercise, hobbies.
Manage stress. Learn stress management or get counseling. Some help may occur with relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, exercise, drinking cold water, chewing on low calorie celery or vegetables.

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I think I am a stress eater and without consulting anyone how can I stop stress eating and lose weight?

Many strategies. You are consulting someone right now- don't be afraid to consult with others; this is a very common problem & i advise being open about it! the key is to find other strategies for coping with stress besides eating.These articles give some good ideas & have links to others: http://weightloss.About.Com/od/emotionsmotivation/a/blemeat.Htm http://stress.About.Com/od/dietandsuppliments/a/emotional.Htm. Read more...