Hi, I have what my primary doctor says is prediabetes im on metformin 500mg twice daily. I just found out from a chest X-ray that I have mild cardiomegaly. Monday im going to see a cardiologist. I dont know what to exspect. I also have high blood pres

Exercise pill. Cardiomegaly means large heart, means most likely your heart is working too hard, will likely give you bp medicine too. Exercise helps blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, sleep, mood, pain, and much more. After cardiologist approves, start daily 20 min fast exercise, every day, will eventually take the place of your pills if you are consistent. Good luck!
Here ya go. Your Cardiologist might recommend an echocardiogram to evaluate cardiac function, and anatomy 1) Taking control of your diabetes is essential since it has a crucial role in your well being and future health 2) If you have prediabetes, and also high blood pressure, weight is an important point. Both of this can improve dramatically with weight control. Hope it goes well Cheers C.