I have bad breath I assume it is because of mucus in my stomach, how do I get rid of it?

Brush tongue/palate. your bad breath is probably not due to mucus in your stomach.... bad breath is most commonly caused by the mouth itself. make sure when you brush to also brush your tongue and palate (the hard roof of your mouth). bacteria love those two places as much as teeth and gums.
Halitosis. Bad breath can be caused by cavities, periodontitis, sinus issies, your diet, acid reflux, and tonsil stones to name a few. Please see your PCP and dentist for thorough exams and treatment.
See a dentist. In the majority of cases, the cause of bad breath, or halitosis, is the product of bacteria in the mouth and gum disease. The proper diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment. See your dentist for Halimeter test, diagnosis and bad breath treatment that depends on its cause. Good luck.

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I have body odor & I can't get rid of bad breath I floss and brush & still don't work can it be my stomach or maybe a sign of diabetes I'm 240 pounds?

Several things. It's very hard to determine if these symptoms are all related. I would recommend you see both your internist and dentist The bad breath could be caused by dental decay, periodontitis, and /or stomach GI issues such as reflux. . Read more...