I use Voltaren (diclofenac) Gel for my arthritus and tendonitus, is this an effective gel. When do Iuse it (only when I have pain)?

Yes. It is a topical anti-inflammatory that is not preventative. It can help the pain when it flares. Likewise, heat, mild stretching, massage, paraffin wax and Occupational therapy are recommended.

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I have arthritus& tendonitus is Voltaren (diclofenac) Gel good for it? Thank you!

May help some what. but does by itself treat or cure the condition. Tendonitis often improves with rest and proper support. Injections and physical therapy may also be helpful. Arthritis can be managed with physical therapy and exercise and adequate support. Topical or oral medication may help with the inflammation associated with these conditions. Consult with your physician. Read more...