Irritation in throat, cough, some phlegm, hot and cold sweats, feel feverish, weak, dizzy and nauseous. But no fever!! What could it be?

Seasonal flu. is very common viral infection. Usually the condition resolves on its own with home care. Drink water and get a good rest. NSAIDs (e.g. Aleve, Advil) or Tylenol (acetaminophen) are also recommended every 6 hours. If concerned, see your PCP for examination.
Viral mgt. It may be a viral illness, similar to the Flu. Try checking your temperature at regular intervals, stay well hydrated and please follow up with your physician. Viral illnesses typically will last around 10 days.

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Sometimes I have sudden cold sweats/fever, dizziness, nausea, light headedness, & start to black out. It's always at work, where I stand for hours?

Postural hypotension. Sounds like your blood pressure is taking a dip after standing up for hours on end. Blood pools in your legs/feet, and not enough gets up to your brain. Can try calf squeezing exercises, marching in place, increasing your fluid intake lots and support stockings that keep the blood from pooling in the legs. By far the most important is to keep plenty hydrated - water/sports drink! Read more...

W/ cough for 9 days. No fever no phlegm just an irritation in my throat as well as throat pain. I took 10mg loratadine dis am can I take another 10mg?

See doctor. Did you catch a cold recently? If yes, then it may be from a sinus infection. If you have not, then acid reflux may be a potentially cause . If the cough goes on for another week, you should see your doctor to find out why. Read more...

A friend has had mega soar throat, high fever, night sweats, dry cough for a 4days, feels week and dizzy when he tries to move around. What's wrong?

Flu. It sounds like influenza. Ask him to visit his family doctor and get checked to make sure that it is not strept. Throat. He should be ok in one week to 10 days. But medical exam is important if he is not improving rapidly from here on. Read more...