I cough until I puke feel lightheaded and dizzy or get a headache what's wrong?

Dizziness. It is common reflex mechanism that can happen with anybody. Have high fiber diet and enough water daily so you do not stay constipated wchich can cause this.

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I have had a cough that leads to short of breath for 2months vomiting headache nausea dizziness swoll lymphnod etc what can be the cause of this cough?

Complex. This one is too complex for an e-mail answer. Likely you have post inflammatory bronchitis and may need a combination of, singulair, (montelukast) advair (these are my preferred drugs of choice), possibly half dose Medrol dose pack, + 100 % (100%) no dairy. www.thepmc.org. Read more...

Episodes of dizziness lightheaded and now vomiting very sore breast it like comes and goes with headaches any suggestions feeling bloated also?

Do pregnancy test. Dizziness, lightheadedness, sore breasts, and vomiting are all signs of early pregnancy. If you have childbearing potential then you should check a pregnancy test. Otherwise, drink plenty of clear fluids, rest, and take acetaminophen as needed for headache. If symptoms don't resolve or worsen, see a doctor. Read more...