Second time I have experienced vaginal itching - last time it went away in a couple of days, never had any issues with my sexual health before.?

Maybe vag infection? It most likely is a vaginal infection that needs evaluation by the MD. If it is external itching first make sure that you haven't been using any harsh soaps or douches in the area. Also prolonged use of perfumed mini-pads can also be a culprit.

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Recent vaginal itching, never had issues with my sexual health before, second time this has happened, last time it went away after a couple of days?

Go see your doc. Lots of different things can cause itching... May be as simple as needing to wash externally after every urination to prevent discharge from drying/ irritating skin, may be something that medicine would help with like yeast or bv... May be a skin problem... If not resolved in a few days go check it out. Read more...