Does removing uterus eliminates HPV from my body?? Tested positive HPV16 & others. Don't want to do all follow ups and worry about cervical cancer.

No. A hysterectomy doesn't eliminate the HPV virus. It can still live in the Vagina and area around the vagina. Even though there is no antibiotic to get rid of it, the immune system of most women will clear it in a few years. Best wishes!

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Positive test of HPV genital. Does removing uterus now eliminates the disease once & for all? I don't want to wait till cervical cancer shows up

See my remark. Genital HPV is treatable! See your gynecologist,if you don"t have one seek advice from your local health dept.Bahrain has good local and foreign doctors. Imagine if we do preventive hysterectomies for all those with HPV ,we'd be very busy doing unnecessary surgeries. Read more...

Is it true that once affected by cervical cancer due to HPV, the solution is to remove the uterus? Does removing it eliminates the disease too?? Help

Not Necessarily. With regular PAP smear we are able to diagnose Cervical CA at a very early stage. So Local excision , LEEP procedure, Colposcopy are several other options . It depended on how deep is extension of the cancer. Yes, if Hysteractomy is required it eliminates the disease. Uerine and Cervical cancer are very localized cancer, Slow to spread ouside the body of Uterus and surgically treated. Read more...