Rabies vaccine causes HIV through inject by reuse syringe?

Don't reuse syringes. In parts of the world, HIV has been transmitted by reusing syringes.Old syringes were sterilized but nowadays cheap syringes should be available anywhere.

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Reuse of anti rabies vaccine syringe causes HIV? Is vaccine small needle syringe is auto disable or reusable? If HIV how many days after HIV testing

Disposable... I can only speak for the vaccines in the USA; however, here all vaccines are given with disposable needles that are not reused. I'd imagine that in your country, that is also the case - or at least the needles are sterilized before being used again so that risk of transmission of blood borne illnesses is negligible. Read more...

Anti rabies vaccine causes hiv? HIV symptoms start how long and HIV testing done how long in days?

No... The rabies vaccine does not cause HIV. Exposure to the virus is. Unless the vaccine was given with an HIV contaminated needle (which would be incredibly unlikely) there is no cause for concern. If it is known that the needle was contaminated, you should be on prophylactic meds. Sx can start in a couple of weeks with flu-like symptoms or not for 10 years. Test 6 mo after last risk of exposure. Read more...