I have only had one sexual partner for the last 16 years, now my pap is positive for HPV. Does that mean he cheated, or could I have been having it?

Means nothing. Everybody has a few strains of HPV, and when they'll pop up and when they'll decide to hide is known only to them. Plus, there are lab errors. I'm glad you have someone special, and there's nothing to be gained by searching for possible infidelity.

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30 years old, had three sexual partners-- been with my husband for 11 years now. I've never once had an abnormal pap. Does that mean I never had hpv?

No. Keep getting your pap smears but you're at low risk. Congratulations on your successful relationship and your wise life choices overall. And if HPV does turn up, we can manage it with near-100% success if you're compliant. In the old days, cancer of the cervix caused by HPV was a mass killer, worse than breast cancer today. Now the key is avoiding HPV, but managing it sensibly when it turns up. Read more...

My husband and I have never had any other sexual partners, but my last pap smear showed hpv. Further testing showed hpv-16. How is this possible?

Stop worrying. I'm not satisfied that even the "bad" strains of hpv are always transmitted sexually. And this is not a helpful line of inquiry. You love one another, and have promised to be together for the rest of your lives. Don't let this be a cause of suspicion, and remain vigilant for the cancer risk to you both, and things will be good. I wish more people would save themselves for that one special person. Read more...