Can nondiabetic have erratic glucose during period? Bad periods, PMS, anxiety, breast pain, no pcos; all goes crazy 2wks before; resolves with period

See a gynecologist o. It sounds like you are on a lot of medications. PCOS often causes mood swings surrounding menstruation. Women are sometimes placed on diabetes medications but I recommend that you try to see an endocrinologist or hormone doctor to receive optimal care. nutrition coaches can also be very helpful in restoring mental health.
Erratic glucose. How do you know you have erratic glucose? Are you checking your blood sugar regularly and if so what results are you getting? If not your other symptoms need attention and your anxiety calls for a consult with a psychologist. If you follow advice from your doctor and the psychologist your life will jump forward with joy!

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Age 47. PMS starts day 4 of period + lasts till next period. I have bad breast pain + bloat almost all month. What can I do besides hormones?

Pms. They are more natural methods such as vitamins and herbs that can treat these symptoms. Antidepressants may also help. You should speak with your gynecologist to see if there is some type of hormonal imbalance or pituitary problem. Read more...