Diagnosed with GERD at 48 by upper GI series Minor symptoms most days with nexium (esomeprazole). What are my chances for Barrets or espophical cancer later in life?

OddsAbout6:1After10y. Barret's occurs in variable times after onset of GERD, but usually takes years. It is found in about 10-15% of people who are studied for GERD.People who have it are at a higher risk of cancer but it's still quite low (around .5%)These are just round numbers- and the time factor is unclear (from onset GERD to Barret's and from Barret's to cancer).Unless your GERD is really severe, I wouldn't worry.

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If severe GERD leads to Barrets. How about just GERD? What's the difference? Mine is a out 80% controlled with Nexium (esomeprazole). 49 yrs old, diagnosed GI series

Barrett's esophagus. Barrets esophagus is condition where esophagus lining is abnormal and can increase cancer in some persons depending on dysplasia ( change in type of cells). It can occur as complication from Gerd and needs close monitoring depending on type of Barrett's . In Gerd there is inflammatory changes in lining of esophagus caused by acid exposure. Various types depending on endoscopy appearance. Read more...

Son had upper GI and dr said he had barrets esophogus but biopsy was negative. He has gerd, takes nexium (esomeprazole). Why discrepancy? F/u needed future?

Can follow. Barrett's isn't always distinguishable from erosions from stomach acid or non-barrett gastric metaplasia. Definitions of barrett's vary from country to country. Or the biopsy forceps may miss and take a piece of normal mucosa. Ask whether junior needs to be 'scoped again. Read more...