Will I get breast cancer from CT pulmonary angiogram for PE? 32 female. Saw one article said risk is increased by 14%! Very scared. Had CT abd b4 also

Very unlikely. the life time accumulated dose has an effect if you are a sun worshiper that give you more radiation exposure than car scan .if you want you can ask for the amount of radiation exposure from the scan from the place it was done.

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Risk for breast cancer from CT pulmonary angiogram for PE? 32 female. Also had one CT of abd/pelvis before. Article said 14% increase! True? Scared!

That's bunk. I am really sorry that some cynical liar is trying to frighten you. The extra radiation in a CT scan is what you'd get by living in Denver rather than in Topeka for three months. There's no law against doctor-bashers making stuff up. By contrast, we're required to be totally honest because of our position before the law. Stop reading this garbage or you'll be miserable. Read more...

32 female. Had CT Ab/pelvis in Nov and CT Pulmonary Angiogram to rule out PE in late Dec. Scared of breast cancer/other cancer from radiation?

Not to worry. The reasons for the radiologic studies were sound ones and not doing these studies would have had much more risk than the radiation exposure to the breast. It is highly unlikely that you would get breast cancer from the CT or angiography. Read more...