My glomerular filtration rate has been very high for years, urea is very low, creatinine is always around the lower range. Is this a renal problem?

No. eGFR (estimated GFR) is a number calculated from your serum creatinine and it is affected by the filtering function of your kidneys as well as other factors such as muscle mass. Low GFR (and high serum creatinine or urea) is a likely sign of abnormal filtering function of the kidneys. However, low serum creatinine does not indicate renal disease.

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Is it possible to have renal cell carcinoma while glomerular filtration rate is normal or 59?

Yes. It is definitely possible, although given your age it is unlikely. Renal cell carcinomas are typically diagnosed during CT workups of other medical problems. They typically do not present with active symptoms unless the cancer burden is locally advanced and/or metastatic. Read more...

Which diet I take in high triglyceride level 244, low density lipoprotein 90, sgpt 117 and HDL 42, glomerular filtration rate 60plz help me?

High triglycerides. Are related to sugar in the diet. Triglycerides should be approximately half the cholesterol. Sugar is also capable of turning on inflammatory markers and threaten inflammatory disease. Read more...