How quickly does green tea extract liquid gels make you lose weight?

A really long time.. As things like that don't work. However, drinking green tea (with no sugar and little or no caffeine) can help with weight loss if it is substituting for other drinks that contain calories. Drinking green tea before each meal can also fill up the stomach somewhat, and make one satisfied with a smaller meal. If substituting green tea for milk, one would need another source for vitamin D and calciu.

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Hi. How long does it take for green tea extract liquid gels to work?

No way to tell . Unfortunately, dietary supplements are regulated as foods (as opposed to drugs). As such, they are not required to undergo the same testing (or prove their claims to be true). Also, since no third party testing of their product is required - the ingredients listed don't even have to match what is in the bottle. Wish I had a better answer ... Good luck! Read more...