Is MRI or CT better for detecting sinus infections?

CT is better. Although both MRI and CT can demonstrate sinus infection, CT is superior in demonstrating the thin bony walls of the sinuses, which are very important for evaluation of disease severity, as well as guidance for treatment options.

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I have had sinus infections since thanksgiving, had CT scan, and was tested for allergies. Everything was normal. Why do they keep coming back?

Sinus infection. Depends, you say you had a ct scan and it was normal. If you had a ct of the sinuses that showed no infection then you do not have a sinus infection. Possibly you have recurrent viral infections which cause nasal and respiratory symptoms. It is not unusual to have one or more viral infections per month in winter. Perhaps you are prone to these due to exposures at home or work or to children. Read more...

How come Cipro (ciprofloxacin) doesn't help me anymore for bacterial sinus infections? I'm now taking Levaquin and had a CT of Sinusis.

Right meds? Cipro (ciprofloxacin) is not one of the preferred antibiotics for sinus infections. The 1st step for sinus symptoms is usually washing out the nose with saline (salt solution) daily. This helps the nose 'reset' itself. If there are certain symptoms, then an upgraded penicillin is our first choice then the family of meds that includes Levaquin. You should see an Otolaryngologist if your problem continues. Read more...