Hi I get pain on the left side of my chest when I drink cold drinks also I felt it when I ate cold yoghurt?

Got nerve. As the heart and stomach are being formed in the fetus,, they are innervated by the same nerve. The Vagus As a variation of this sometimes when people eat food that is cold/ irritating to the stomach the Vagus nerve signal to the brain mixes with the nerve roots from the heart resulting in chest pain also. Reverse is also true. People having a heart attack, often have heartburn. .
See PCP. this could be several things, such as a "pouch" or diverticulum of your esophagus, or possible lymph nodes reactive in your mediastinum (area between two sides of chest). See your PCP initially and you may need referral to a surgeon or GI Doc for further eval. Be well!
Esophageal spasms? You might be experiencing esophageal spasms triggered by cold drinks and foods.