Antibiotics for productive cough?

Cough and antibiotic. There can be a lot of reasons for a cough. Since you are not a smoker the most likely is that this is indeed an infection. Your doctor will try to evaluate if this is a viral illness or a bacterial problem. It sounds like you need to be seen.

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Diagnosed w/bronchitis at clinic. Finished 10 days of antibiotics. Still coughing sometimes productive. Have asthma. Should I follow up with pcp? Thks

Yes. An asthma patient may need more doses of asthma medication or a second medication, or just fine-tuning of her asthma meds. If there was bronchitis or pneumonia, and antibiotics were finished but there are still significant symptoms, a different antibiotic may be needed. Sometimes a chest x-ray is done to see if there is something unusual going on, but a chest x-ray is not needed in simpler cases. Read more...

2weeks of productive cough, sob at times cxr is clear had oral antibiotic, bisolvon, seritide and ventolin. Easily gets chest ineection. Do I have asthma?

Not necessarily . A diagnosis of asthma includes your medical history (how many attacks, how severe, when, etc) and a spirometry test. This test determine your lungs' function. If you haven't had this test yet, talk to your physician. Read more...