Struggling to lose weight, I weigh 180 and my goal is to be at 150. I eat healthy with fruits and veggies. I also go to the gym every day. What am I doing? I have a hard time balancing calories also

Calculate your needs. First, set realistic goals, ie. 1lb weight loss per week (3500 calories/week). Calculate your basal metabolic rate (google it). Multiply by 1.55 (assuming exercising 5days/wk). This tells you daily calories burned. Subtract 500 (3500/week calorie deficit) and the final number is the amount of calories you are allowed to eat daily. Of course this requires you to keep track of what you are eating.
6 NO'S. NO sugar.NO flour.NO rice.NO potatoes. NO corn and NO alcohol..after 3 months with these NO's.we can start modify the restrictions .at that point you will be 160 Ibs.