Recently during intercourse my partner went too deep and it felt like something literally popped. I was in A LOT of pain and got horrible cramps after?

Collision w/ cervix. Likely this was a penile collision with the cervix. The Cervix is the doorway to the uterus. It is the part that we swab when we do pap smears. For some women the cervix can be sensitive and any sudden forced movements can cause pain. You can google an image of the cervix and a cross section of the vagina to see what I am speaking about.
Need physical exam. Your symptoms are vague and the potential causes too many to list without a physical exam preferably by an OB-GYN doctor that is familiar with multiple causes of pelvic pain. The fact that you are concerned enough to ask this question implies that you need to be examined by a qualified Physician. Pregnancy needs to be ruled out.