Previous disc extrusion l5/S1 comp exit L5 & s1, s2 (racepinephrine) nerve roots. Could this now be causing freezing and sore toes. Or can this only be circulatory?

Neuro or Circulation. A L5 S1 nerve root compression can cause you to have sensory complaints in the toes, and can be responsible for the feeling that the toes are cold or that they are sore. It is possible that you could also have a nerve compression further down the chain in your leg , ankle or foot, as well as another neurological condition. Circulation can be responsible for those symptoms ruled out by vasc test.

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Large disc extrusion at L5 compressing L5, S1&S2 n/roots. Got to decide on surgery or injections, would like opinions.

Surgery, most likely. It seems this is a very impressive disc herniation (extrusion). If you have symptoms you may not have any options as you don't want any nerve damage. . Read more...

Do I need surgery first I had my l5-s1 bad now 3 months later I have my l5-s1and s2 (racepinephrine)?

Not possible to say. Most patients with herniated spinal discs will not require surgery. However, patients who develop numbness or weakness of their arms or legs, or changes in the function of their bowels or bladder, may need to undergo surgery to free up compressed nerves. Read more...