Case of chickenpox at my son's daycare 4 wks, dr didn't no n said bumps all over son was from a virus not pox, there very itchy, and still getting more, concern?

Chicken pox... ...Is very unlikely in an immunized child, and the only way it could last for 4 weeks is with an immune deficiency. Impetigo (a bacterial infection), bedbugs, or scabies are much more likely if new itchy lesions appear for a month.
Question unclear. If your child is getting bumps over a 4 week period i doubt that chickenpox is the present issue. Emergence of new blisters more than 7 days from the first would be rare, after 10 days i'd want to look into other issues. If it were CP initially, a variety of germs can cause a secondary infection like strep or staph.You may want to review these findings with your dr.
It depends. It depends on your son's age & whether your son was vaccinated against chickenpox.I hope your son already had both doses of the chicken pox vaccine & will never have to go through the misery of that infection.The vaccine has been available since 1995 in the US, and longer in other countries;it's very effective. Ask his doctor if he's at risk.