During a ultra sound scan in my abdomen I was diagnosed with all normal but my gallbladder has multiple polyps less than. 5 CM. Surgery needed?

Depends on. your symptoms. Gallbladder polyps usually consist of cholesterol, and can be precursors of gallstones. These polyps, and even stones, can be asymptomatic, in which case you probably will not benefit from cholecystectomy if you are otherwise healthy. Follow your doctor's advice.
Gallbladder polyps. gallbladder polyps are fairly common. When small, <10 mm, they are very unlikely to harbor malignancy. If they are present with gallstones, and you are symptomatic, the gallbladder is usually recommended to be removed. When the gallbladder polyps are small and not accompanied by stones, usually no treatment is recommended. Your doctor may recommend follow-up ultrasounds down the road. Good luck.