I have a rash on my breast its allover, baby has nothing, and I have no other problems just a itchy rash. I changed laundry soap a month ago?

Suspect laundry soap. Rewash all of your bras with the previous laundry detergent and see it this helps. In the meanwhile, try hydrocortisone cream on the breast to see if this helps. I think certain laundry detergents such as OxyClean too irritating for some people.

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What might cause a very itchy rash on one breast only? No new soaps or anything else. Switched to a few different bras also. Been itching for months

Get seen please. See your primary doctor for good history and physical examination, you might be referred, also check this link http://www.healthcentral.com/breast-cancer/c/9692/112905/breasts/ Good luck. Read more...