My feet feel like they are burning everytime I lie down to sleep at night. I have diabetes. Should I be concerned?

Neuropathy . You may have a disorder called neuropathy which is nerve damage that often occurs in someone with diabetes, although there are other causes as well. Talk to your doctor. A foot exam should be performed, and he/she may need to run additional tests, maybe even a nerve conduction study. Don't walk barefoot, even at home. And look at the bottoms of your feet everyday.
Yes, you should. See a doctor. You have neuropathy. Your doc needs to differentiate if you have it secondary to a compressed nerve in your back or secondary to diabetic neuropathy and treat appropriately.
Possible neuropathy. Neuropathy can happen as a result of trauma, or nerve damage due to the consumption of alcohol or certain medications. Symptoms can range from a numbness and tingling sensation, possibly a burning sensation, to an uncomfortable painful sensation of the extremities. Get evaluated by a professional to determine the exact cause in order to get the appropriate treatment.
Yes. This is classic for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Your physician may be able to help. I'm sorry you have this -- good luck with treatment. is a discussion of the problem and how it may best be treated.