Constant pain in left side of abdomen below rib. Pain started as stabbing on left side on belly button. Randomly feeling pain on lower right abdomen?

Nonspecific. Migrating pain could represent excess gas moving through the intestines, or if associated with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting could represent an intestinal infection. Could also be muscle pain if you've been doing abdominal work outs. Best to see your primary care provider for a more complete evaluation if it's that bad. Hope this helps!

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High rdw, low mvc & mch, hgb 13. Chronically tired constant pain in abdomen lipase normal, had a 5mm gallstone could it be pancreatitis. Left rib pain?

Talk to your MD. Your blood profile is unlikely related to what you're feeling unless there are other causes like hypothyroidism which can cause microcytosis. Your abdominal pain is likely related to a symptomatic gallstone, causing pain as the gallbladder contracts.Pancreatitis can develop but not currently. Read more...