1yr old is teething, has low grade fever and is fussy. Doctor said her ears are clear. But she has small bump behind her ear. Normal with teething?

May be swollen node. That bump behind the ear is probably a swollen lymph node. Those appear when developing an immune response, usually to an infection. So the question is where is the infection? Generally that area relates to the ear or scalp, not usually dental.
Fever/teething. A small bump behind the ears is most likely a lymph node swollen. Teething normal doesn't cause fever. If the ears were clear, it could be viral infection that take 3-5 days to get better.
Fussy yes, bump no. it is normal for children to be fussy while teething, and some parents do report mild, low grade fever. The bump is probably a swollen lymph node and has nothing to do with teething, but without other symptoms of illness may not be a problem. Keep an eye on her for other symptoms of a cold and return to Pediatrian if problem develops. Otherwise don't worry about it.

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My 17 month old has been diagnosed with an ear infection and he has a low grade fever on and off. I noticed a small bump behind his left ear on hairline that moves around. What is it?

Likely a lymph node. Given his recent infection it's likely a lymph node however without further detail it's hard to say for certain. If you make a virtual appointment I can get more detail and give you a more certain answer. Read more...
Lymph node rxns. This is likely a lymph node which typically swell in response to a stimulation derived from germs, bites or irritation of the skin (or ear,throat)in their region. In most these are benign, with gradual enlargement followed by return to normal. Those in the head & neck are superficial & obvious.Failure to shrink within 3 wks may require add'l workup.Clarify issues with your Dr. Read more...