Is there any special classes in high school to be a interventional cardiology when I'm in freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. Should I take any class?

No. If you want to become an interventional cardiologist you should first get into medical school. Once in medical school you need to choose internal medicine for your residency. After residency- you apply for cardiology fellowship. After this fellowship, you apply once again for interventional cardiology. It's a long road with plenty of time to think about it as well. Good luck .
Depends. There aren't any specific classes for high school but you could definitely take biology classes. In college definitely biology and physiology classes. .
Classes. At the high school level, there are no special classes to take. However you should work hard and get good grades, so that you get into a good college. There are courses in college that you need to take in order to take the MCATs and apply to medical school. Good luck!
Classes. You can shadow a cardiologist during the summer or at Christmas breaking get high school student all the time u get exposed to what we do contact a hospital or university and ask if anyone allows student to shadow during breaks there are no classes in high school!!
No. well in school so you can get into a good college followed by a medical school.
No. Carlos, focus more on your school subjects. It is early at this stage.
Baby Steps my friend. No point in focusing in interventional cardiology at this point in time. Focus on a solid foundation for internal medicine.
Physics. I would suggest biology and physics.
Get some direction . Sorry it seems like the answers you got before were rather dismissive. It takes 14-16 years of studying/training after high school to become an interventional cardiologist. It's great that you have an idea of what you want to be in future. For know you can put yourself on the right track by maintaining good scores in biology, chemistry, physics, math, and an overall good gpa to get into med school.