I took Praziquantel for Clonorchiasis, but I have not seen Clonorchis sinensis in my stool. Should I be able to see it, or do they die in your liver?

Too small to see. The eggs of the liver fluke are released into the stool. The eggs are approximately 20 microns in length & 15 microns in width, so not really detectable by visual examination of the stool. The good news is that the 3-times-daily-for-3-days regimen of praziquantel is more than 90% successful at curing a clonorchiasis infection. If there is any doubt, could verify by rechecking stool at some point.
Die in biliary tree. and are broken down by body. The proof of cure for Clonorchis is absence of eggs in the stool under microscope. Praziquantel taken as directed is >90% effective with absence of eggs within 1-2 weeks. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!