My husband's urinalysis for the past 2 yrs show high RBC (color is normal). Everything else is normal (no protein/WBC). He has no pain. What do we do?

Hematuria. RBC in the urine especially a male needs to be evaluated. It can come from any part of the GU tract, bladder, ureter, kidneys & prostate.Can be due to infection, inflammation, kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, prostate enlargement, cancer and even exercise. Many times a cause cannot be found. He should be evaluated with labs and CT or ultrasound and if all is normal a cystoscopy.
Cystoscopy. The most common cause of RBC in urine is from prostate. Next lesions of the mucosa of the bladder do bleed and if not in these two retions, one has to consider the appeaarance of blood being derived from the kidney. A urologist should examine pt. and if prostate neg. then bladder exam followed if necessary by retrograde cath and exam of ureters and renal pelvis needed.