I have dry red skin on my upper lip and around my mouth. I work in the sun but sunscreen and lotion seem to burn. I've had it for 3 weeks, what is it?

Infection. We all touch our face and mouth thousands of times a day. If this hasn't changed with lotion, lip balm, etc, the it is likely an infection. A yeast infection may cause white patches at the corners of your mouth. Bacteria stays red, burns, spreads, and can ooze pus. I recommend that you start with Bacitracin ointment three times a day. If still not better, see a doctor. .

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I have dry red skin around my mouth. Prominent below my lower lips. This area becomes really dry/flaky even w/lotion. Worse after drinking beer.

Dry Skin. This seems to more than just dry skin. I would have to see it to be sure, but there has to be some infection or other cause of such a significant skin abnormality. Thus, i think you do need to be seen by your trusted health care provider. Read more...