Why diabetes mellitus is risk factor tuberculosis?

Immune function. Diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, causes neutrophils to not behave as well as they should, so infections are both more likely and more frequent. Tuberculosis is one of these, and tends to be more severe in a poorly controlled diabetic.
Infection. Diabetes, particularly if your glucose is now kept near normal, increases the risk of all kinds of infections, including TB which is infectious. Your immune system doesn't function as well when your glucose is abnormal.

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How can diabetes mellitus be a risk factor for developing atheroma?

Definitely. Particularly if your sugar is not well controlled, diabetes can increase cv risk by a factor of 4-7x normal. Another reason to keep your glucose (and BP and lipids) normal. Read more...

How diabetes mellitus considered as a risk factor of colorectal cancer? Why?

Diabetes and cancer. This has come up many times but no one is sure. It is very unlikely if you at age 21 (presume you have type 1 diabetes) would have colorectal cancer. Does that cancer run in your family? Is that why you are concerned? If so make sure your doctor is aware of that. Read more...