What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist? Which would be the better one to see about health anxiety (hypochondria)?

Therapy vs meds. Speaking very generally, most psychologists hold either a PhD or a PsyD degree (I hold both) and practice psychotherapy. Psychiatrists hold either an MD or a DO degree, and they prescribe psychotropic medications, and generally do not do all that much therapy these days, but years ago psychiatrists would do both. If symptoms are severe, see the psychiatrist first.
One is a doctor. A Psychiatrist is a doctor. A Psychologist is not. A Psychiatrist is an MD (or DO) who has specialized training in mental disorders. This type of doctor is well trained in the medications used to treat mental disorders and prescribes and manages these medications. A Psycologist usually doesn't prescribe medications but is trained in counseling methods. Best wishes!

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Which would be better to see for health anxiety (hypochondria) a psychiatrist or psychologist? Its gotten bad and I need my life back

Relationship. The title is less important than the relationship you establish with your doctor. You will definitely need psychotherapy. More psychologists are trained in this than psychiatrists. You may need medication which a psychologist can coordinate with your primary care physician. Read more...
They can work. hand - in - hand. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is often the most effective approach to treating hypochondria. Psychoeducation and exposure therapy have been used as well as treatment with antidepressant medications when warranted. Read more...