Post Whipple Oncology Operation: Is the lgG4 blood test of any monitoring value for diagnosed pancreatic cancer?

No. IgG4 levels are useful in diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune disease like autoimmune pancreatitis but not pancreatic cancer. CA19.9 is good for the latter.
?What is this test? The only useful blood test in common usage is called CA 19.9. It goes up if the Pancreatic Cancer is progressing or relapsing.. So it is commonly done blood test, at about 3 monthly intervals.

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If steatorrhea is caused by pancreatic cancer, will a lipase blood test show abnormalities?

Not really. brother Fadi. steatorrhea is not caused by pancreatic cancer, but by pancreatic deficiency. the pancreatic enzyme, and function could be completely normal in the case of cancer. I hope that answer your concerns. fi amani Allah. Read more...

Pancreatic cancer? I had a pancreatic protocol ct/hida/liver, pancreas, CBC blood test/stool test/colonoscopy. All perfect. I still have light/yellow stool

Stop worrying. You have nothing to worry about except that fact that you are still a smoker, which i hope you'll stop. If everybody with light-colored stools consumed health-care dollars searching for pancreatic cancer, it'd be a huge waste. Evidently you're not even jaundiced. Please stop reading internet scare stuff, look for another cause of your abdominal pain ; stop reading internet scare stuff. Read more...