I've spondylolysis (L4-L5 for 1.5 year). Initially I've pain in lumbar area only. But now I've pain in cervical and in left leg. Give me suggestions.

Standing xrays, MRI, After 1.5 years of lower back pain, you need standing xrays and an MRI of lumbar spine. Your leg pain may well be related to the lower back problem. Initial treatment is PT, core strengthening, symptomatic relief with medications, wt loss if over weight. Neck pain is not related to your lower back.
Xrays? I have some questions in order to answer better: Hold old are you? Have you operated your back? Pain in leg/ do you have any tingling or numbness in your leg? When was your last xray or MRI. Generally, with any radiating pain down the leg and with numbness or tingling over 8 weeks, it is recommended to have some X-rays. PT can help quite a bit, so don't just jump into surgery. Have good exam done!