Orthoscopic surgery in 2013 on knee to remove scar tissue from the joint. Has always hurt and stays swollen. Now has a vibration feeling top kneecap?

Get an exam. Your signs and symptoms are not normal or acceptable in a 31-year old unless you have suffered extensive trauma to your knee. You should see whoever performed your arthroscopic procedure for an opinion. If you are not satisfied with that outcome, you should get a second opinion. You don't want to live with permanent pain and swelling without pursuing a cure! Good luck!

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I had knee arthroscopic surgery 7 weeks ago for a trimming of my acl and scar tissue removed under kneecap. Painful locking when walking normal? HELP

No. Not normal really. I would discuss directly with your surgeon and he will likely know the cause of your symptoms. Hopefully will resolve, but hard to say with out knowing more what the specific issue is. Read more...