How or where do Iget a blood patch. I have a severe spinal headache post lumbar puncture?

Same place. The same group that did the original needle placement. However, the anesthesia group at the place should be able to help. .
Epid. Blood Patch. You should first contact the facility and department in which the lumbar puncture was performed and inform them of your symptoms. Most will advise you to venture into the emergency room for further evaluation and counseling regarding treatment of a "Post Dural Puncture Headache." Conservative medical management should be explained to you,as well as the process and risks involved in placing a patch.
Anasthesia or IR. Spinal headaches after lumbar puncture can be painful. They are positional and sitting up makes it worse. They can have an electric quality to them as well. Typically anaesthesia or interventional radiologists do the the blood patches. Blood patches are successful the majority of the time but sometimes they dont work. Most often the headaches resolve on their own in 1-2 wks.
Suggest`. Most anesthesiologists have experience in administering blood patches, and a nearby hospital would likely refer you to an appropriate doctor. But am concerned as to why you had spinal tap, and now seem to have no contact with involved physicians. Try to discuss directly if possible.