Heart palpitations, shaking, cold, nausea, diarea, bp went up to 131/89 from 107/72. After taking klonopin (clonazepam) BP is 104/61 laying down, 112/66 sitting up.

Sounds viral. The symptoms suggest a possible viral infection. Check temp. If 100 or less, take plenty of clear fluids, Tylenol (acetaminophen) and rest until diarrhea and fever resolve. If symptoms worsen, see a doctor for a careful evaluation.

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I just cut down my clonazepam intake from 1 mg to. 5mg. Is it normal to get heart palpitations, nausea and lose stools?

ClonazepamWithdrawal. The importance of a gradual reduction taper regime cannot be emphasized stronger. You should taper off Clonazepam by 0.25 mg (cut in half 0.5 mg) or chew 0.5 mg and spit or cross over to diazepam. Talk to your physician for more information. Good luck. Read more...