I have a burning sensation with pain in my lower back. And a pain just below my rib cage in the centre?

Pain. burning sensation in the back either muskeloskeletal(muscle and spine or kidney pain below the rib cage is a muskeloskeletal(ribs and muscle) use heat pad stretching esercise hydrate well take ibuprofen and give us more information to help you either see your PCP or you can have live consult one on one with one of our physician to discuss your problem face to face good luck.

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Have top and lower back pain that throbs with a burning sensation that gives me a general feeling of sickness. My dr. Think it is inflamation.?

Neuropathy. You may be having muscle spasms that are squeezing the nerves that come off your spine in the mid back region. The explanation for the abdominal symptoms may be from the fact that this mid and upper back area nerves of the spine are the ones that innervate the stomach. Consider physical therapy and muscle relaxants and osteopathic and or chiropractic manipulation. Read more...

I have multiple fibroid and have lower back pain. Now I have burning sensation in middle back. Is this part of fibroid or something else?

Less likely. While fibroids can cause back pain, it usually isn't burning in nature. Most "burning" pain is nerve related, but not always. If this persists or is quite bothersome, I would encourage you seeing your primary care doctor to formally evaluate you. Read more...