Please respond. Are DHT blockers like saw palmetto and propecia (finasteride) safe for men? Will that cause libido problems? Or does it just depend? I'm confused.

Variable. 5 out of 100 men taking Propecia (finasteride) will experience a sexual side effect as reported in the initial studies. All men returned to normal function after stopping the medication.
Block DHT. Propecia (finasteride) and saw palmetto block DHT Saw Palmetto is a natural palm berry that contains properties that block DHT effectively. DHT causes hair thinning and prostate enlargement they are safe for men and do not decrease libido which comes from testosterone. DHT is an end metabolite of normal testosterone. Some men produce more DHT than others.

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How safe are DHT blocking products like propecia/finasteride/saw palmetto? Side efx like gynecomastia and libido loss... Are those common at all? Help.

Saw palmetto. is an unregulated supplement that has bio-identical properties, but is not standardized. If you are concerned about male pattern baldness, try using minoxidil and finasteride. Side effects are uncommon but possible. Try them and monitor for side effects. You can stop if dissatisfied with results. Claims that effects are long lasting seem dubious. Read more...