Can sciatica cause numbness in right thigh and cold right foot?

Yes. yes it can. Especially, with activity.however, I would see a neurologist to make sure that you do not have a nerve disease, I eat underwear apathy whether the sciatica. The floor more is more likely to cause these symptoms. I meant former.

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I have numbness in the right side of my groin area/upper inside of my right thigh. It's been about 6 weeks now. I have sensation (numbness or maybe heaviness feeling) down my right leg into the outside of my right foot. Sometimes my calf has a strong feel

Sounds like the back. You are describing the area cover by a dermatome s1 or s2 (racepinephrine). This problem sounds like has it origin on the back. Herniated discs or back arthritis can cause symptom like this in sensory nerves in the leg. You can use topical or oral medication to calm nerve pain. Also physical therapy to relieve back pressure or derangements can be another treatment. Read more...