What is better antioxidant - vitamin C or vitamin E?

Antioxidants . The best antioxidant is a variety of antioxidants. Vitamin C is water-soluble and safe to take up much higher doses. Vitamin E is fat-soluble and should be limited to about 800 per day.

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So I am taking Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Anti-Oxidant, Caltrate and Folic Acid daily, is it okay? Will I not be overdosed?

Supplements. Each of the supplements you mention has a different optimal level in the body. The only way to know for certain is to see your doctor for blood testing. Please do that and ask his/her opinion on taking these supplements. Peace and good health. Read more...

I want to know what is the difference between vitamin C and vitamin E for your skin?

Skin and vitamins. Vit e applied topically can cause an allergic contact dermatitis. Vit e was believed to improve scar appearance but it can actually worsen scar appearance, so no topical vit e. Vit c topically may help lighten dark spots slightly, but not significantly and can have some limited antiaging properties. The hype is bigger than the benefits unfortunately. Getting enough of both in diet is important. Read more...