Can sciatica or pinched nerve cause burning pain in the popliteal area and pain down calf? X-ray normal, ultrasound knee-groin for DVT normal

Yes, but. sciatica can have various symptoms. Local tenderness is not one of them squeez your calf. if it's tender stay on the path of considering a blood clot or at least phlebitis. If it's not tender than sciatica is a good consideration.
S1 nerve root. pain will typically give discomfort in the buttocks down the back of the leg to the outside bottom of the foot. L5 root pain is similar with the pain radiating to the top / lateral part of the foot. L4 typically does not go below the knee. The sciatic nerve branches into the Tibial nerve and Peroneal nerve behind the knee (the branching varies from person to person). To localize see neurologist.

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